Green Products

Our Products



  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner – Water, natural dish soap, organic tea tree oil and organic essential oils.  Natural dish soap will take care of tough grease spots, soap scum, and so much more. The tree oil is a natural way to disinfect, and organic essential oils provide a non-toxic fragrance that is easy-on-the-nose.
  • Vinegar – The green way to clean shower doors, windows and mirrors.  It’s a natural acid that eats away hard water stains, mold and mildew.
  • Bona – This non-toxic natural wood floor cleaner is great for shining floors. Bona is special because it leaves no residue build up, shines and keeps floors clean and fresh.
  • Lemon Oil – All natural lemon oil is great for wooden furniture, wooden cabinets and also can polish stainless steel appliances.
  • Baking Soda – It’s a natural cleaner that can give that extra boost for tough sinks or dirty ovens.
  • Lambs Wool Dusters – The natural fiber for collecting dust and is reusable with a quick water rinse. No need for those disposable dusters that impact the environment.
  • Microfiber Mops – Throw away the sponge mop and bucket which is not sanitary.  These mops are easy to reuse and are much cleaner.
  • Microfiber Towels – These natural fiber cloths are great for grabbing bacteria, germs, dirt, grease and so much more!
  • Vacuum – Hoover Portapower Canister Vacuum is a CRI Green Label vacuum.  The reusable canister cuts down on waste and this vacuum is small, powerful and efficient.

Why We are Green



  • Less Harmful and Toxic – You’ll do your family, pets and the earth a big favor. Health and Well Being is vital!
  • Less Environmental Impact – Reusing our spray bottles and microfiber towels reduces unnecessary waste. Saves the planet!
  • Less Stink – For some reason, manufacturers think “clean” smells like chemicals. Homemade green alternatives use lemon oil, lavender and other easy-on-the-nose natural fragrances and oils. 
  • Less Allergies – Bleaches, toxic cleaning sprays and other chemicals commonly used in cleaning products can cause or trigger allergies. 

Green Business Practices



Not only do we pride ourselves in our green products, we also look to manage the business in  the most environmentally safe ways!

  • Our Crews of 2 or 3 Carpool to reduce carbon emissions.
  • We reduce travel and gas emissions for our cleaners and schedule clients that are closer to their homes.
  • We wash our towels and sponges in environmentally safe detergents.
  • We use recycled paper
  • We minimize paper use and use electronic documents as much as possible.
  • We minimize snail mail and send out invoices electronically and you have the option to direct deposit to reduce carbon emissions and paper